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Breaking News – the latest news from all over the world.
Business – reports on world economy and stocks etc.
Culture & Art – about culture, art, museums and other.
Design – architecture, interior design, furniture and other.
Education – training, courses, MOOCs and online university.
Entertainment – humor, magic, games, party and events.
Entrepreneurship – motivational on how to start and run businesses.
Fashion – clothes, hair, make-up, accessories, models and more.
Film – movies, actors, film makers and comments on the industry.
Food – good, healthy, restaurants, recipes and cooking.
Healthy Living – training, yoga, healthy eating and much more.
Jobs – open positions, job ads and resumes.
Luxury Living – cars, yachts, restaurants, beverages and houses.
Media – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other media.
Medicine – health care, medical advice and information.
Music – world music and concerts from all over the world.
News – provided by selected news stations and Wings Globe.
Online Store – selected cool products for sale
Philanthropy – people and organizations helping others.
Philosophy – no topic is too strange to discuss.
Politics – left, right, wrong, high and low, human rights, planet.
Real Estate – apartments, condos, houses, buildings, ads.
Science – from nano to macro universe and latest research.
Social Media – Periscope, Twitter, IG, Blab, FB and more.
Sports – results, live scopes from games and up talks.
Style – about what is style and what isn’t.
Technology – latest inventions, apps, products and software.
Travels & Sightseeing – people travelling and sharing hot spots.
Wine & Beverages – scopes about wine, beverages, cigars and other.


SCOPE HOST – The HOST is guiding you through what is broadcasting live or will come on in short time.

BREAKING NEWS – Latest news LIVE from all over the world. Right now from the terror attack from Paris reported by Euro Maestro.