M Globe is a community where you can apply for citizenship.

As a citizen of M Globe you are helping spreading the message and lifestyle that acts of kindness are way much better and greater forms of communication and approach towards other people than harassment, bullying and hatred. As a citizen of M Globe you help raising awareness against these bad actions by acting in a great way to all new citizens on social media.

M Globe operates mainly on Periscope but is not platform bound. Meeting other people with respectful should be the obvious way.


We all have a daughter, or a sister, or a girlfriend, or a wife, or a mother that we truly respect and love and wish to cherish in the best way. This goes even for men and boys, but women are mostly harassed by men on social media. To make the social media world a better place for everyone we help welcoming new people on Periscope by treating them in a nice way. From 20 years of experience of the Internet chat rooms, different social media platforms, apps and blogs we have noticed that by greeting these new people in a great way, they soon become one of the great ambassadors for kindness. If we don’t care about them they soon will become one more among those ”trolls” treating other people the bad way.

M Globe is collaborating with the non-profit organization Netombudsman ( that helps all those who need legal advice on being bullied and harassed or threatened on social meida. Netombudsman can also help finding people to talk to about these issues. We welcome other NGO’s to join and help out.

Apply for citizenship by filling in this form:



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