Presenting motivational scopes on how to start and run businesses.

shawnthomasAsk A Millionaire aka Shawn Thomas is sharing experiences through daily Q&A sessions, special guests, and much more. Broadcasting 5-8 times per day.

Shawn Thomas is a self made multimillionaire Philanthropist and tells his story onshawnthomas.com where he is also offering coaching.


The MFCEO Project is run by Andy Frisella who is an entrepreneur, speaker and describes himself as a regular Dude.

Andy hosts The MFCEO Project on iTunes and was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 and is the CEO of 1st Phorm. Andy is broadcasting around 3-5 times per day.

amberazizaAmber Aziza is scoping on how to get your business up and running and gives tips on what is important to think about and how to make more money in your biz.

Amber is a business speaker and 7-figure Coach. 1st biz sold before 30 and creator of @MidniteMillions.


SMENET is the leading business crowdfunding platform.  $115+ million in funds raised by entrepreneurs in the last 12 months.

Platform is patented and powered by EquityNet.

Medison Angels