World music and concerts from all over the world.

Alex Nieto is a sort of an audiophile that loves sound and music. DJ Hobbyist since age 11.

Scopes about Live DJ sets, gives lessons, tips & tricks and bringing DJs and music lovers together. Join the party!

andrehenryAndre Henry is an Indie-R&B Singer-Songwriter and describes himself as a hopeless romantic guy.

You can watch Andre scoping while singing basically everywhere an anywhere. You should also hear his song about the ”Block Party” to get rid of the trolls.


Dina Layzis
is a singer/songwriter who is using the power of her voice to inspire change in the hearts and minds of people around the world. Tune into her scopes for genuine and wonderful music!


Lindy Alvekrans is a Swedish, South African born, San Francisco signed singer, writer, model and you can follow her career from a new born star to the performances and musical events.