Travel and Sightseeing

People travelling and sharing hot spots through Periscope.


Geoff Golberg
shows us Manhattan, NY, from all its sides. Geoff is live scoping the sights and sounds of NYC.

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martyMarty Rabinowitz is retired from being in the travel business for many years. Marty scopes daily from NYC.

At leisure in NYC where he can indulge his passion for theater, movies, music and museums in the most vibrant metropolis on the planet.


Euro Mestro is giving us sightseeings from Paris in France but also latest in tech, startups, travel, photography, space, science, music and more. @euromaestro for questions. tourism Paris France Europe and the World.


penguinsix PenguinSix is giving us walking tours of Hong Kong daily as he explores the city. Dad raising two kids while writing iPhone apps.