People and organizations helping others.

breeolsonBree Olson is the top Periscoper with great social commitments trying to help homeless people, preventing harassment on social media and sharing her days by broadcasting around 15-20 hours every day.


netombudsman Netombudsman help those who have been subjects to intimidation or bullyied through social media or on the Internet. You can send us an e-mail on Netombudsman is a non-profit organization started in Sweden but operates world wide.


shawnthomasAsk A Millionaire aka Shawn Thomas is sharing experiences through daily Q&A sessions, special guests, and much more. Broadcasting 5-8 times per day.

Shawn Thomas is a self made multimillionaire Philanthropist and tells his story where he is also offering coaching.

Laurah Lawson
is an entrepreneur, reconstructed paleo-zone and fitness chef. Laurah is giving back and helping people through free training and education when she makes home visits all over the USA.